Podcaster Kickstarter Program


We’ll teach you everything we’ve learned in podcasting for the past 6 years, all in a one-on-one format. Four sessions covering podcasting basics, equipment and studio setup, organic growth strategies, and how to monetize your show even when you are small.



Want to launch your show in 30 days, with an expert podcaster to guide you? We take everything we’ve learned in 6 years podcasting across 650+ episodes and drill it down to a simple 4 week program. This program includes weekly meetings across four sessions, covering:
1) How to design and structure your show

2) Our equipment recommendations, and setting up your own personal studio

3) Growing the podcast, including the best organic free strategies

4) Monetizing your show, and how to get advertisers for the podcast even when you have a small following

We’ll help you launch your show, even if you don’t have an audience yet.



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